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My students and the connection to Teach for America. I feel like I am part of something so much bigger than my own classroom and that I am working towards a goal that matters with an inspirational team that challenges me and pushes me to be better. - Kalle Davis (North Carolina Piedmont Triad '14)

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Average starting salary is $39,350.




North Carolina A&T State University

University of North Carolina - Greensboro


12-24 months

Becoming Certified to Teach

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Initial Lateral Entry Licensure Requirements


North Carolina Department of Public Education requires all Teach For America corps members to qualify for an initial Lateral Entry license prior to entering the classroom. Upon hire with Guilford County Schools (GCS), corps members are required to pay a processing fee of $100 in order to apply for a North Carolina Lateral Entry License.

To meet GCS hiring eligibility guidelines, corps members must meet all requirements for one of the following options.

Option 1: Passing State Approved Exam

  • If assigned to teach elementary, you must pass the Foundations of Reading exam and the General Curriculum exam, which are both administered through Pearson Education, Inc.
  • If assigned to teach a core content area (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) or a foreign language, you must pass the PRAXIS II subject area exam for your content area and the Principles of Learning and Teaching (7-12) exam, which are administered by Educational Testing Service.
  • More information regarding required tests and the testing timeline can be found in our state-wide spreadsheet. 

Option 2: Completion of Relevant Coursework

  • Depending on your undergraduate degree and completed coursework, you may qualify to teach in our region without needing to pass an exam by the first day of school. The determination of whether you are exempt from testing will be made after a thorough review of your transcript(s) by our hiring district, GCS.   

Professional Licensure Options


Many of our Teach For America corps members enter our program with 0-3 years of teaching experience. Teachers with 0-3 years of teaching experience are eligible to teach for up to three years after securing the initial lateral entry license mentioned above. If a corps member desires to remain in the classroom beyond the life of their initial lateral entry license—doing so requires converting from the lateral entry license to a professional license through completion of 3 years of successful teaching (preferably at your initial TFA placement school) or completion of licensure coursework through one of our licensure partners. Additional information and contact information for the options below can be accessed in these Licensure Documents.   


Option 1: Complete the 3-year State Board TFA option

  • In North Carolina, you can participate in a special option that allows you to obtain an “alternative” professional license by successfully completing two years as a corps member and then teaching a third year in a North Carolina school-preferably your placement school. If you enroll in this option, you do not need to take any coursework, and will receive a license at the end of the three years. This license is an “alternative” professional license and can transfer to any school district in the state of North Carolina, but may not have reciprocity in all states and countries. Corps members interested in this option should consult with the state or country they intend to transfer to when choosing this certification method. There is no cost for this option.

Option 2: Enroll in Guilford County Schools Alternative Certification Track

  • Our partner school district, Guilford County Schools offers a 12-month licensure option for lateral entry teachers. The coursework starts with required lateral entry training which takes place in July and August, and can continue during your second year in the corps. This program is selective and open to most Guilford County Schools teachers (excluding Elementary (grades K-5) and teachers of adaptive curriculum.  To qualify, corps members must have either 24 credit hours or a degree in the content area they are teaching and a 3.0 (preferred) undergraduate GPA. After completion of the program, participants are granted a teaching license that is reciprocated in most other states. The transferring rules suggest contacting the transferring district to clarify if your certificate will transfer. The current 2017-2018 cost for this program is $1000*.

Option 3: Enroll in coursework at North Carolina A&T State University or University of North Carolina—Greensboro

  • For corps members who are unsure if they will teach for three years in North Carolina, professional licensure can be obtained by completing licensure coursework with our university partners during your corps commitment, North Carolina A&T State University (elementary educators) or University of North Carolina-Greensboro (middle school and high school educators). The coursework completed through these programs are intended to offer lateral entry teachers the opportunity to earn an initial Standard Professional License and continue teaching in North Carolina. After completion of the program, participants are granted a teaching license that is reciprocated in most other states. To transfer this license to another state, additional exams or coursework may be required.

*Prices are subject to change based on tuition rates

Master of Arts in Education Degree Options


North Carolina A&T State University or University of North Carolina—Greensboro


  • While obtaining a master’s degree is not required and Guilford County Schools does not offer a master’s pay incentive, corps members have the option to pursue a master’s degree in education from our local universities. In partnership with North Carolina A&T State University or University of North Carolina—Greensboro, corps members can complete a 30-credit hour master’s degree in a variety of core content areas or in elementary education.


North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. 

Placement School Locations

Placements Available

  • Elementary
  • Middle school math
  • Middle school social studies (extremely limited)
  • Middle school general science
  • Middle school English
  • High school math
  • High school social studies (extremely limited)
  • High school general science
  • High school English
  • Spanish

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